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"A variety show that has all the elements to keep a glowing sprit for an audience, plus satisfaction."

Atlantic City Whoot

"The best showband I have ever seen anywhere."

New Jersey Free Press

"One of the truly exciting acts in the business."

Vegas Visitor

"King Henry's is Archie Bunker pop music, that demonstrably gives people a good deal of pleasure."

New York Times

"King Henry is one of the best acts in the business."

New York Magazine

"The best show I've ever scene!"

"It's the fastest two hours in show business."

"You played the songs we all love."

"You guys should be on Broadway."

"Everything was perfect.The food was great. The show was fabulous."

"If people could see your show each month, all the drug stores would have to close."

"More fun then I had in Branson."

"I was hoping it would never end."

"We've been to your shows eight times, and we'll be back next year."

"I haven't laughed like this in years."